1983年10月17日 パリ生まれ

フランスパリ、Los Angeles と San Diego にてダンスを学ぶ。日本を拠点として、
様々なアーティストや数多くの TVCM に出演。
2016年の2月より CONNECTING THE DOTS という振付ブランドを誕生させ、


In the research of excellence, my approach of movements is scanned through a micro-eyed perspective which result in deep thinking about the structure of a choreography.

CONNECTING THE DOTS is the concept of connecting "Music" "Movement" and "People" with a holistic approach of various art forms to create branded new solutions.

- As Motion Arranger -

「 Moment, is all about timing 」

Creating a moment which raises emotions to your full senses requires a perfect synchronization of all space movements including stage motions such as set designs, lighting, camera works & screened movies, in which I also provide direction services.